Daughters of Promise Conferences

Led by Christine and/or Jaime

Christine and Jaime are committed to present scripture as the living revelation of God rather than an abstract textbook.  They want scripture to jump off the page and captivate you.  They know that some women will hear God’s Spirit speak to them for the very first time.  By God's grace, their hunger for the Word will be awakened out of a deep sleep.  They are also committed to present a message that is simple, yet radical, through both teaching and music.  They know that the music will cement the teaching and drive it deeply to a place where true transformation begins.

You can invite Christine, or Jaime, or consider having this mother/daughter come to minister together.  They bring all teaching, worship, and special music.


What's involved if you're interested in inviting Christine or Jaime to speak to your group?  Elizabeth Guthrie, our event coordinator, takes you all the way. 

To initiate an invitation, begin by filling out an inquiry.

Kindly fill out as much information as possible.  Elizabeth, our event coordinator will respond shortly.