Personalized Prayer Mapping

Customize your prayers with biblical wisdom and strategy.

Learn how to customize a personalized prayer map for a person, or a situation, that begs God’s miraculous touch and loving intervention.

Scriptural principles are the foundation.  God’s wisdom provides the strategy.  And, each person who learns the skills of prayer mapping is empowered and equipped to focus their prayers with more detail and accuracy.  Stunning answers to prayer are the result.

Join the many others who have made prayer mapping a way of life, a language for life.

Download a brochure.

Host a Prayer Retreat

While Daughters of Promise general conferences are larger in nature, Prayer Mapping Retreats are not.  They usually consist of 50 women or less.  We've even trained twelve at a time. 

Elizabeth Guthrie, our event coordinator, will help you prayerfully brainstorm about how to bring this important teaching to your group of intercessors.  Consider going away to a quiet place; a home, retreat center, even hotel . . . so that God can speak to your women apart from their normal lives. They will never pray the same way again.

To continue exploring the option of hosting a retreat, fill out our inquiry.


How will Prayer Mapping benefit your prayer life?  Listen to what others had to say.

  • Sarah - oklahoma

    Christine’s teaching was so beneficial and enjoyable. The course was straight and to the point.  I learned new things and will put them into practical use. The things I learned will help me heal and break free from the things that have held me back. Christine talked a lot about the puzzle pieces of your life and I must say that many of my own puzzle pieces fell into place that weekend.  Sarah

  • doug - Texas

    God completely blew me away with what He has shown me through all of the teaching.  I knew the power of prayer, but I never knew how important it is to know the enemy, be specific, and stand firm in scripture.  I will no longer be live my Christian life passively.  Doug

  • chelsea - maryland

    This weekend was extremely enlightening.  The battle for the mind is such a difficult one to fight, but learning how to pray strategically and effectively has been so helpful.  I truly believe that the enemy will have much less control over my thought patterns now that I know how to defend my mind better.   I will also be making customized prayers for a few family members whose lives are in shambles.  Thank you, Christine.  Chelsea