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Browse through our resources.  Our desire is to serve your spiritual needs through music, books, and recorded teaching sessions.

The CD's contemplative and gentle. It is meant to soothe and encourage.  We hope you hear God's whispers in the music.

The teaching sessions give you an idea of what it's like to be in one our conferences.  Each one brings deep teaching with heart bent application.

The books unveil the Word, one verse at a time.  Fall in love with Jesus all over again.

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CD's and Music Downloads

Christine's old and new music is featured here.  If you're looking for an older album, perhaps it's offered now on CD.  Her FOR THOSE WHO HURT project is on CD. There are some new releases too. 

If you're looking for single downloads, visit her iTunes page.

Devotional Books

There is a book for you!  If you're looking for an inspirational offering of daily devotionals, consider LONG LIVE THE CHILD.  If you're seeking something weighty, like ROMANS, we offer that, too.  Every book is written in our popular devotional-style format.  Each is a bite sized chunk with a depth to challenge and encourage you in your journey home.