Course Overview

These are not easy times.  We find ourselves having to advocate for our children, our marriages, and even aging parents.  Never has the skill of customizing prayers and prayer mapping the soul been so important to our survival and spiritual victory.  Evil is on the rise and our prayers must take on offensive overtones.  Prayer Mapping equips the church with the necessary strategies.

  • Session descriptions

    Who Is My Storyteller?—Session 1
    Before God’s children can understand and articulate spiritual needs, they must be able to hear God address their personal story lines through His Spirit and the Word of God. Otherwise, they may believe that the dark times they experience are outside of God’s sovereignty. They may also malign His character and believe that He is uncaring or they are unloved. This pollutes prayer life. This foundational session is critical if a believer is to approach the throne of grace with confidence.

    The Enemy—Personality and Performance Profile ~ Session 2
    We will not be successful when attempting to enforce the victory of the cross if we fail to understand two things; 1.) Our opponent and, 2.) Our authority. Both are critical if we are to win. If our nation were to go to war with another country and fail to study their culture, previous war tactics, and the weapons they currently possess, we would expect defeat. To be fully prepared is to be acquainted with the adversary, to be street smart and savvy. The same applies to prayer. Christine teaches the history of Satan, presents his personality profile and activity, and then gives a detailed anatomy of a stronghold. This session provides a a critical foundation for effective prayer.

    Battlegrounds and Warfare Strategy- Session 3
    Once a Christian man or woman understands that they have God-given authority to stand firm against Satan's strategies, they must understand where and when to exercise that authority. Where are the battlegrounds, externally and internally? How does the war of the flesh really play out? Christine underscores the power of scripture and how memorizing it, and meditating on it, will feed the spirit and transform the soul. Her instruction on body, soul, and spirit - is the highlight of this session. At the end of 90 minutes, God’s children will know how to end anemic praying!

    Personalized Prayer Mapping Strategy - Sessions 4 & 5
    Finally, the sessions that equip men and women to begin to assemble and write out their prayers. They learn how to handle the Word with integrity, and how to consider ‘context’ when choosing Scriptures to pray. They are then taught how to prayerfully target unholy family bents, examine inner vows, and sever soul ties with others that are harmful. These two sessions provide an outline that will help each person take a detailed spiritual inventory and think through strategy for prayer mapping critical events.

    Forgiveness—Long Live The King! ~ Session 6
    Many times, the person we desire to pray for is also the one who has wounded us. A foundation of forgiveness is critical for effective prayer. Forgiving is difficult because Christians often misunderstand the concept.  Christine presents this difficult teaching by first examining what forgiveness is not; removing the barriers that many experience in their struggle to forgive. Come, experience the nuts and bolts of this topic. This presentation unlocks the door of bitterness and encourages listeners to allow God to be their King and Judge.